How to Choose a Baby Crib

Choosing a crib can seem like an impossible decision. With all the recalls, safety concerns, and manufacture defects, how do you trust a particular product? As parents, you want your children to have the best. You want them to be safe, happy, and healthy. So, if you ever have questioned how to choose, a baby crib, you are not alone.

There are many factors to take into consideration, for instance, if you are going to be using a hand me down, check the age of the crib. Any cribs manufactured before 1974 must be carefully inspected. Any cribs over ten years old, must also be carefully scrutinized for its safety standards. You will want to compare its specifications to the current regulations.

To begin with, there are many general concerns for crib safety. Consider the distance between crib slats. If they are too far apart, children may get their limbs or head caught. This may cause strangulation. Missing slats and spindles are never acceptable. Check for sharp or rough edges, especially with any hardware on the crib. Double check locks and crib latches so that they are not accidentally bumped and released.

An ideal option is one that also has a foot release. Also make sure there are no ledges or bars that babies can climb on. Make certain that the mattress is the exact size for that crib. Mattresses that are too small may be a suffocation hazard. Remember, the most expensive crib is not always the best. The most surefire way to pick the best crib is to inspect if for yourself. There should a stabilization bar under the springs, preferable choose one with two. Also, rails should be sturdy. There should be no flexibility in them. Uniformly round railings are the best choice.

Crib bumper pads help provide more cushion for the baby. They help protect baby from the hard bars as well as them being wedged between the slats. They should secure in several places around the crib, and completely cover all four sides. Once the child starts pulling themselves up on them, they should be immediately removed. Make sure they are quality, so that they are not to be easily torn apart. Consider that for your crib you should have at least one set of bumper pads.

You will also need two or three fitted crib sheets, and two are three crib mattress pads made for your cribs mattress size. You will also need a plastic or vinyl mattress cover to protect it from any spills or accidents. These are of course, inevitable. You will also want to invest in Two small quilts or blankets that you can just throw in the wash. Never ever use pillows in your crib, as they may cause poor posture, add excessive stress to the neck or spine. They may even result in suffocation or death. All of this seems overwhelming, but you will be glad to have spent the extra time for your new little one.

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