How to Choose a Baby Toy

Having a new baby is an exciting time. Some of the best times associated with a new baby are play time. Picking a toy that is appropriate for your child and that will enhance playtime will be a great way to enjoy your time even more. There are several options to choose from when picking a toy for your child. You can choose a toy that is designed for learning, a toy that is designed for enhancing environment or you can choose a toy that your child simply loves to play with.

Educational Toys
Almost all of the toys available for infants and babies today claim to be learning toys, but some of them may not be best. Infants learn best when they are encouraged to explore their environment. This exploration may be through tactile experience or through sight and sound. It is important to consider how you and your infant will interact with the toy when selecting a learning toy that is age appropriate.

If the goal is for the child to grasp and grab smaller objects a great learning toy may be a rattle. A bright colored rattle encourages gripping and is also visually and audibly stimulating. Sometimes the most interactive and simple toys are the best to help your child learn new skills.

Enhancing Environment
Toys that enhance the child’s use of their environment are great for developing infants. Balls and walkers encourage mobile babies to explore their environment. Play stations and play mats also encourage children to explore their environment. These environment enhancing toys may also be musical to increase enjoyment.

Just Plain Fun
All of the science and engineering involved in creating toys cannot replace the plain old fun factor. Ensuring that the child has fun with the toy is crucial fun time. Not only should the toy be fun for the infant but it should also be fun for mom and dad. Playing alone is fine but babies learn best when they have some interaction. Pick a toy that you and baby can have fun playing with together. This will ensure that you and baby have something fun to do with your quality time.

Combine Different Toys
The best toy will be something that combines all of the different elements of the toys into a great playtime. Having several different types of toys available for playtime with baby can make it fun for everyone. Make sure that you have several hours a day that you can play with baby as well as several hours that baby can explore their environment on their own. Babies develop best when they are given alone time as well as time to play with someone else. Toys cannot teach or entertain on their own and an interactive approach is the best to make the most out of the toys that you have purchased. Toys of all styles can be enjoyed by everyone as long as mommy, daddy and baby are all playing together.

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