How to Choose a Diaper Bag

Choosing a diaper bag can be fun and exciting for any parent. There are more than plenty of styles and options to choose from when selecting a diaper bag. Some are small, some are big and there is everything in between. When you want a good diaper bag you have to consider exactly what you would like the diaper bag to do for you. Do you simply want a diaper bag that holds one feeding and one change of clothes? Or do you want something that can be used for longer trips? The important thing about selecting the right bag is considering exactly how the bag needs to perform for you. You may ultimately decide that you want more than one bag. Here are a few tips to consider when picking a diaper bag for you.

The short trip bag
A short trip bag should be small enough to be light and yet large enough to carry all of the essentials. This bag should be considered on a trip to the grocery store, going to the bank or for quick errands. It can be cumbersome to carry a large bag around when trying to get a quick errand done. So how small is too small? The perfect small trip bag should contain at least one feeding, even if you have just fed, you never know what may spring up and cause you to need additional food for your child. 5-6 diapers and wipes is a good idea to keep on hand. Again you never know what life will throw at you. It is always better to be over-prepared than under prepared. If you have any doubt whether or not you have enough, pack one more just in case.

The long trip bag
A long trip diaper bag is ideal for long car rides, overnight stays, airplane rides and other trips where restocking is not going to be easy. These diaper bags should be have ample room for at least two days’ supply of diapers, four to five changes of clothing. Ample bottles and formula if you are bottle feeding. If you are breast feeding then it is good to bring all of the supplies that you need to breastfeed comfortably. This may include a nursing shall and any nursing aides that you have used in the past.

Mix and Match
You may decide that you need more than one diaper bag. That is what many parents choose, they have multiple bags, ready to go no matter what the occasion. If you choose this method it is sure that you have the right bag at the right time. Make sure that the bags that you purchase are of sturdy construction with good seams and straps. Having a diaper bag fall apart on you while you are trying to pay a bill and hold a screaming baby can be a nightmare; this is why it is more important to have sturdy constructed bags. All of these elements will come together to give you a great diaper bag.

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