How To Choose A Sippy Cup For Your Baby

Do you have a baby that you would like to wean off the baby bottle and onto a sippy cup? Do you know how to choose a sippy cup for your baby during this transition period? There are not only different sizes of bottles, but different flow speeds, and different textures you can use.

The first sippy cup you want to try with your baby is the “beginner” sippy cup. It’s usually the smallest cup because it holds the least amount of ounces in it. Your little baby will be holding this bottle all by herself, so it can’t be too big or too heavy. Now if you’ve got a baby that’s got a very big appetite, you’ll have to weigh whether your baby is strong enough to hold a bigger bottle, or whether you want to use a smaller bottle and just keep refilling it. And make sure the sippy cup has some nice big handles on it that are easy for her little hands to hold onto!

Another thing you need to pay attention to, is the hole designs. The more holes you have, the more fluid that will come out. So, for a baby just starting to transition to a sippy cup, you’ll want a sippy cup with the least amount of holes, so only a little at a time comes out. Also, make sure you get the cups with the vales on them. Valves are little pieces of plastic that fit in the spout, that prevent the liquid from coming out, unless the baby actually sucks on the spout. This allows the baby to only get out as much as THEY want, and it also prevents any liquid from spilling out if your baby drops the cup. When your baby gets a little older, you definitely want to remove the valve, or just get a sippy cup without a valve, as your baby is going to want bigger sips with more fluid coming out!

There are also different spout textures and designs. When a baby is just starting to use a sippy cup, you want to use a cup with a soft spout. It’s easier to grab with their mouth and its texture is closest to a baby bottle nipple, making it an easier transition. Also, getting a cup with a rounded spout is easier on a new “sipper.” When your baby gets the hang of the sippy cup, she can change to a harder spout.

When your baby gets a little older, and wants to start taking bigger, “kid-like” sips, you can start using the cups that have no holes, but just one big open spout. And when your baby gets really good at sipping, you should be able to easily transition her to a regular cup! Figuring out how to choose a sippy cup for your baby isn’t a hard process. Just start your baby off with the beginner cup with holes and go from there. Your baby will let you know when she’s ready for more flow!