How to choose a teething toy for your baby

Teething children can be hard to soothe. The pain associated with teething can be immense and often makes the child irritable and cranky. There are several options that parents have for alleviating the pain associated with teething. One of the best options available for those of teething children is to find a suitable teething toy for your infant or toddler. Now that you know your child is teething and needs a teething toy, how do you pick the right toy?

Safety First
The biggest safety issue when selecting a teething toy is whether or not the toy can be fully inserted into the mouth. If there are pieces of the toy that can be inserted into the mouth without the risk of being swallowed this is ok, because they are attached to the larger portion of the toy. If the toy is small enough that it can be fully enclosed in the child’s mouth then it is an inappropriate teething toy and poses the risk of choking. It is very important to make sure any teething toy selected does not have loose or damaged parts so that the child does not swallow or choke on them.

Water Filled Rings
Once you have appropriately chosen the size of your child’s toy it is important to look at the different styles. There are water filled plastic rings that are very popular. These products can be chilled to provide with additional comfort. When chilling the filled teething rings it is important to ensure that they are not frozen. Freezing water filled teething rings can result in burns on the gums. Cooling them in the refrigerator is the best option.

Mesh Feeders
If you are looking for an option that you can freeze then mesh feeders may be another option to consider. Mesh feeders are mesh bags attached to a ring that frozen puree can be placed into for the child can chew on. The mesh portion of the feeder limits the amount of puree that can go into the mouth to ensure that choking is not an issue. The mesh feeder has an added benefit to children who are teething because it can also function as a snack time treat. The frozen fruit or vegetables provide a stimulating taste so that the teething aid is used for a longer period of time.

Hard Plastic
A final option for the teething rings is hard plastic. The hard plastic is suitable as long as it is not able to be fully inserted into the mouth. Also it must not have any sharp seems or edges to prevent cutting the gums. The hard plastic keys and rings may be a good alternative for those teething kids who do not like the other options. The best way to pick a teething ring for your child will be to let the child choose from many types. Your child will let you know which option they like the best. As long as you had safety in mind when selecting the toys there is no harm letting your child pick their favorite.

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