How to Choose Baby Lotion

Babies have extremely delicate, sensitive skin and this is the key factor in determining how to choose baby lotion. There are a plethora of baby lotions available that purport to be designed specifically for a baby’s sensitive skin. Choosing the right one for your baby takes a little time and some trial and error.

A baby’s skin is fragile, especially in the case of newborns who were delivered past their due date. The extra time spent in the amniotic fluid leaves the skin pruned and very sensitive to perfumes and other irritants. Young babies are also often prone to eczema, a condition that makes the skin dry and itchy. It is important to moisturize your baby’s skin twice a day with a gentle yet highly absorbent lotion in order to minimize irritation and protect the skin.

When considering how to choose a baby lotion from among the various brands available, you should limit your choices solely to those lotions that are hypoallergenic. These lotions are scent free and contain no skin irritants. A lot of the more popular lotions available for babies do contain perfumes and these are best avoided. A good option is an organic or natural lotion. Available from a wide range of companies, these lotions tend to be mild and do not contain dyes, perfumes, or other harmful ingredients.

Absorbency rates are also important when considering how to choose baby lotion. Thinner, more viscous lotions tend to remain on the surface of the skin and do not absorb well into the lower epidermal layers. A thicker lotion absorbs better into the skin, and is retained more effectively throughout the day.

For babies who suffer from severe eczema, there are many companies that offer specially designed lotions. These tend to be almost entirely organically based and are thicker than normal lotions. This allows for a deeper and more effective hydration of your baby’s skin and is a good option to consider when other products have failed.

Price is also a consideration for a lot of parents. Baby lotion is a constant necessity for children and it is easy to go through quite a few bottles over the course of a year. While it can be tempting to go with the cheapest available option, it is better to choose a lotion that is organic, hypoallergenic, and free of perfumes. A lot of popular brands offer these types of lotions at reasonable prices. There are also many higher end brands that offer similar baby lotions. However, as there is no appreciable difference in quality or efficacy, it is perfectly alright to choose a lower priced baby lotion that is natural or organic.

Determining how to choose baby lotion ultimately comes down to some trial and error. Some lotions work well for some babies and not for others. If the lotion you chose irritates your baby’s skin, try a different brand. With the vast range of options available, you will surely find the right lotion to suit your baby’s delicate skin.

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