How to Entertain a Baby on an Airplane

Airline travel is stressful. The endless line through security, the ever present possibility of delays, and incredibly tight seating frays the nerves of the most seasoned traveler. Of course, things could be worse. There could be a crying baby on the plane.

Parents who travel with infant children not only have to bare the stress of travel, they must deal with the stress that comes from not wanting to frustrate their fellow travelers. For the sake of the parents’ sanity and those flying with them, it is important to know how to entertain a baby on an airplane. The following three tips will help.

Always get a separate seat for the baby.

Air travel is expensive and travelers are constantly looking to save as much money possible. As a result, it is tempting to save money by letting the baby ride on the parents’ laps. This is a serious mistake. First, the baby will not be comfortable, making any type another diversion meaningless. Second, the parents will not be comfortable, making everyone upset.

With a separate seat, the baby has enough room to be supported comfortably in bay seat with a handle. This will allow the child to have the possibility of sleep, which ultimately is the best of all worlds. Also, the this allows the parents the flexibility to reach for snacks, toys and changing supplies without unduly disturbing the baby or fellow travelers.

Have a bottle ready for take-off and landing.

Both take-off and landing cause a lot of pressure on the a baby’s ears, resulting in crying. Nurturing the baby with milk or juice and help the baby to relax and ease the discomfort. The government does allow parents to bring liquids through security for their children, just as long as its declared. Parents should take advantage of this and be prepared. It is important to remember to keep the bag with the bottles in them handy, stored under the seat. Opening the overhead binds in-flight is not recommended. Also, any changing supplies should also be kept with the bottles.

Invest in baby noise reduction ear muffs.

Airplanes are quite noisy and can aggravate babies, causing them to cry. The best way to distract the baby from the ruckus is to block-out as much noise as possible. Baby noise canceling ear muffs are the way to go. By blocking the ears with this device, the baby can quietly play without the irritation of the airplane’s engines. This coupled with the baby seat may increase the likelihood that the child will fall asleep, giving the parents and their traveling companions a much needed break.

Traveling with an infant is undoubtedly stressful. Yet, proper planning can help make the trip a lot easier on both the child, the parents, and other travelers.

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