How to Setup a Baby Nursery

You may have just found out you are expecting your first baby. You may think you have plenty of time to figure out how to set up a baby nursery, but think again. Time gets away from you quickly and there can be appreciable expense so start planning now. This will ensure you can have what you want without being overwhelmed at the last minute.

Setting up a nursery takes a lot more planning than just picking out a crib. A baby nursery should be functional and well as visually and psychologically stimulating for you and your baby. Within the first few days, you will more than likely establish a routine of care for your baby that revolves around the set up of the nursery. Planning for possible contingencies can reduce the need to make changes after the baby comes home and you are too tired or busy to make the changes.

When considering how to set up a baby nursery, the location of the space should be what first comes to mind. You may keep your newborn in a bassinet in your bedroom for the first few days or weeks but soon you should plan on moving your baby to his or her own room.

Make sure the nursery is close enough for you to reach quickly in case of an emergency such as injury or fire. You can invest in an inexpensive baby monitor to listen for crying or other signs that your baby is awake and in need. Babies, like all of God’s creatures, need sunlight for healthy physical and emotional development. Choose the nursery for its natural light if at all possible. Just be sure not to put the crib or anything the baby will be spending significant time in into the direct sun.

Wall and floor coverings are something you need to consider when you are thinking about how to set up a baby nursery. Be sure to scrub down all walls, ceiling and the floor before applying any covering, especially if anyone has ever smoked in that room. Smoking indoors is an environmental hazard and can cause lingering health effects long after the tobacco is extinguished. Use low or zero VOC paints when painting to decrease the risk of exposure to you as the pregnant woman, the unborn child and the newborn just home from the hospital. Again, paint fumes can linger much longer than you can imagine and have the potential to cause untoward health risks. The same goes for new carpets and rugs. Purchase these items and install as far in advance as possible and air the room regularly before the baby comes home.

Newborn babies can only see contrast of dark and light for several weeks, but as their eyes mature, you will want a pleasant relaxing color scheme with splashes of color for visual stimulation. Decide early on a color scheme that will grow with your child if you don’t want to remodel every year or so.

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