I Like Fruit by Lorena Siminovich – Book Review

I Like Fruit by Lorena SiminovichArya liked reading and touching I Like Toys by Lorena Siminovich so I was confident she would like another book in the “I Like” series as well.

I Like Fruit by Lorena Siminovich uses the same design of touch-and-feel elements combined with colorful pictures of fruit.

The front cover shows a strawberry, blueberries, an orange, and a cut open apple. She liked touching the middle part of the apple with its smooth, shiny surface.

Siminovich uses colors as a theme throughout the book. The left-hand side of each page shows fruits of each color while the right-hand side shows a single, cut-open fruit with touch-and-feel element. The fruits and colors included are: red (strawberry, raspberry, and cherries), green (apple, kiwi, and grapes), yellow (pear, banana, and lemon), orange (orange, cantaloupe, and peach), blue (blueberries), and purple (plum).

The individual fruits are drawn in an abstract style, but are realistic enough for every fruit to be recognizable at first glance. Other than the last page, text includes just the name of each fruit and color. With so little text, I Like Fruit is a great book for young school-age children to learn to read by themselves. Once kids can identify fruits by sight, they will quickly memorize the corresponding names.

Small children will love the touch-and-feel elements on each page. I thought Arya would like the rough texture of the orange the best, but she was fascinated by the holes in the fruit bowl on the last page. Even older kids will enjoy exploring the different textures throughout the book.

As with all of the books in Siminovich’s “I Like” series, I Like Fruit is a great book for young readers. Not only will little ones learn about fruits and colors, but the book makes reading books fun and accessible for even the smallest children. Arya loves the “I Like” series and I plan to read all of the books to her in the future.

I Like Fruit costs (including shipping) under $7 new and under $6 used from Amazon.