I Like Toys by Lorena Siminovich – Book Review

I Like Toys by Lorena SiminovichAfter Arya really liked the previous touch-and-feel book, I’m actively looking for more touch-and-feel books to read to her.

I Like Toys by Lorena Siminovich is a touch-and-feel board book about an interesting subject.

Rather than write about humans or talking animals, Siminovich organizes groups of toys by shape and includes a touchable object on each page.

Toys are grouped into one of four shapes: circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. Within each group are three individual toys with pictures and small identifying text. Some of the toys are odd choices.

A car is considered a circle because of its tires, a playhouse is a triangle because of its roof, and a rocket is considered a rectangle because it is built from rectangular parts.

One touch-and-feel object is on each page: The front cover shows a shiny, blue body on the robot. Tires on a car feel hard and rubbery. The purple sail of the sailboat is made of rough fabric. The middle square of a group of blocks is corrugated cardboard. The blue robot body reappears on the fourth page. A red wagon feels like wood.

There is no story in I Like Toys. Each page contains only single words describing the shape and the name of each toy.

Arya liked feeling the different textures, but with no text it was hard to keep her attention throughout the book. Older children will be quickly bored by the lack of story and short number of pages. For babies and young toddlers who enjoy touch-and-feel books, I Like Toys is a great choice. For kids who want to listen to a story, the book would be a poor choice.

I Like Toys costs (including shipping) under $7 new and under $5 used from Amazon.