I Love Colors by Margaret Miller – Book Review

I Love Colors by Margaret MillerWith a cute baby staring out from its cover, I Love Colors by Margaret Miller is instantly appealing to young children.

Having just read Little Critter Colors to Arya, I was curious to see how she would react to a different book about colors.

My baby loved staring at the pictures of different babies throughout the book. She loved the plain, full color pages even more.

I Love Colors follows a simple formula. The left-hand side of each page has two-to-three words of black text against a solid color background. The color of the background matches the color described in the text. The right-hand side of the page shows a picture of a happy baby wearing a colorful item described in the text.

I thought the baby with purple glasses was especially cute. My daughter liked the first page of a laughing baby wearing a red bow. Since Arya stared at both the red background on the left and the baby on the right, I think she enjoyed the page because she still has the baby fascination with the color red.

The book is designed for older readers to describe pictures in their own words to accommodate the sparse text. I Love Colors would be ideal for a kindergarten-age child to read to a younger sibling. Since the pictures are dominated by the faces of each baby, adults will run out of things to say after a few readings of the book.

Nevertheless, Arya really liked the entire book. She seemed more interested in this book than in the previous book about colors. The huge faces of cute babies and their colorful props captivated my baby’s attention.

Margaret Miller transitioned from family photography to turning her love for pictures into making books for children. She does not have a personal website, but her short biography is available from one of her publisher’s websites: http://www.harpercollins.com/authors/14585/Margaret_Miller/index.aspx?authorID=14585

I Love Colors costs (including shipping) $4.99 new and $4 used from Amazon.