I Love Trucks by Philemon Sturges – Book Review

I Love Trucks by Philemon SturgesArya seemed to like looking at the trains in the two train books we read this past week.

Since the red fire truck on the cover of I Love Trucks by Philemon Sturges looks similar to a train, I thought she might enjoy reading a book about trucks as well.

She stared at the bright colors on the cover and was able to hold the book by herself with just one hand due to its small size.

Every one of the 26 interior pages of I Love Trucks shows a colorful truck drawn against an appropriate background. I expected a standard children’s book with a few different types of trucks. But I was surprised to see a large variety of dozens of different trucks. The first page alone shows an armored car, pickup track, tanker truck, mail truck, cargo truck, and fishmonger’s truck.

While the trucks are illustrated in plain fashion with little detail, each truck is easily recognizable. Young fans of trucks should already be familiar with most of them, but even adults will be surprised at some of the interesting trucks included in the book.

Text is limited to a brief description of the each truck. With only three-to-four words on each page, few of the trucks are actually identified by name. Rather, the book is designed for older readers to name the type of truck–such as forklift or ambulance–to young readers.

I Love Trucks is the perfect book for children who have any interest in trucks. But even toddlers who don’t care about trucks will still like the variety of designs and truck-related activities. Young babies will appreciate the different colors and the easy-to-hold board book.

I Love Trucks costs (including shipping) under $8 new and under $4 used from Amazon.