Improving Baby’s Halloween Photo

Improving Baby's Halloween PhotoWith two cute Halloween costumes for Arya, we used her Baby Lion costume for taking baby to Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.

We dressed our daughter in her Snow White baby costume for pictures earlier in the day.

Mommy had an idea for a great, artistic shot under a tree in the Boston Public Garden.

Unfortunately the idea–having “Snow White” looking out from behind a tree in the forest–required her to stand up. Although Arya is starting to stand up with support, it’s definitely not safe for us to let her stand unsupported on a sloped ground near the paved path.

Improving Baby's Halloween Photo - OriginalWe settled on a more time-consuming, but more artistic solution. I hid behind the tree as much as possible and used one arm to support Arya’s weight and provide additional balance as she stood up against a raised spot on the ground.

In the original version of baby’s Halloween photo only a small portion of my jacket and jeans are visible between Arya and the tree.

But thanks to Mommy’s artistic skill and a free, open-source graphics editor, the original picture became a fantastic Halloween photo. In the edited version, Snow White peeks out from behind the tree with a vibrant, colorful forest behind her. Traditional photographers and photojournalists would likely disapprove of using an editor to change a natural picture.

All of our friends and family thought the edited Halloween picture was great.

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