Infantino Activity Ball – Baby Product Review

Infantino Activity Ball - Baby Product ReviewSince my daughter learned to grasp a few weeks ago she has been entertaining herself by grasping her toys.

Arya especially loves grabbing her Infantino activity ball. The toy is big with lots of wires, rings, and big caps.

Her hand-eye coordination is still developing so the multiple hand-holds of the ball allow her to always grab onto her toy even when she misses her intended target.

The ball has large spaces to fit entire baby hands and lots of colorful parts to keep a little one entertained. My baby likes playing with all of her toys for at least a few seconds, but she quickly gets bored of many of them if an adult is not also providing constant entertainment.

With the activity ball she will at least occupy herself for a few minutes even without anyone to play with her.

Unfortunately the greatest benefit of the activity ball is also its biggest weakness. Arya loves to play with the ball because she can grab it and hold it. But since she is still uncoordinated, she often drops the ball or accidentally tosses it far away from her body.

The activity ball is great for young babies just learning to grab because it allows them to play with a toy by themselves. However the fact that young babies lose hold of the activity ball means that an adult must always be available to pick the ball up and put it back into a baby’s little hands.

Arya has also discovered that she can rattle the activity ball to hear the beads jiggling in the top and bottom cylinders. Of course with her lack of coordination she usually flings the ball away from her when she is trying to shake it.

She also likes to use her feet to play with the Infantino Activity Ball. My baby sticks one foot inside the wires and uses the other to kick the ball back-and-forth. Unfortunately when she is really active she kicks the ball hard enough for it to roll away from her other foot. Then an adult–usually Daddy–has to go get the ball and place it back near her feet.

I’m happy that my daughter discovered a toy that she likes to play with. The ball doesn’t provide more than a few minutes of self-entertainment. At least my little girl has one more source of enjoyment and a way to practice her coordination every day.

The Infantino Activity Ball costs (including shipping) $19.97 new and $14.99 used from Amazon.

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