Lunchtime With Mommy

Lunchtime With MommyMommy went back to the clinic last month. Since we don’t want our daughter to miss her normal nursing sessions, baby and I have been meeting Mommy for lunch every work day.

Arya loves lunchtime with Mommy. She gets attention from my wife’s colleagues and she gets an hour with Mommy and Daddy.

It took a few weeks to settle on a schedule for lunchtime with Mommy. My wife has to fit eating her lunch, nursing Arya, and pumping the opposite breast into her one hour break.

At first we rushed through every lunch hour. Now that both Mommy and baby are better at efficient nursing, we have added tummy time to our lunch routine.

Breastfeeding after going back to work has been incredibly difficult for both my wife and baby. We even have the advantage of living across the street from my wife’s clinic and my ability to bring our daughter to my wife to save time during her lunch hour.

We could use other options instead of rushing to complete a lunchtime nursing. My wife’s clinic has a breastpumping room which makes it better than most U.S. employers, but the room is often occupied throughout lunch hour.

There are many other moms who continue to breastfeed after returning to work. My wife is committed to breastfeeding and we both think the benefits of nursing (as opposed to the alternative of pumping) are sufficient to warrant me bringing Arya to the clinic every day.

Thankfully we have found a consistent location for nursing. We also use the room to eat and we have recently been giving Arya a chance to practice tummy time while we finish our lunch.

It may become more difficult for Mommy and baby to nurse during lunch hour as Arya’s appetite increases. At least for now we have the opportunity to spend a little family time together every day during lunchtime with Mommy.

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