Machines at Work by Byron Barton – Book Review

Machines at Work by Byron BartonMost babies are attracted to the color red and my baby is no exception.

Arya loved the bright red background on the front cover of Machines at Work by Byron Barton.

Although she didn’t like any of the interior pages as much, she did like all of the book enough to want to read it more than once.

We’ve already read one book by the same author, The Little Red Hen by Byron Barton. Arya seemed to like the subject matter (animals) of the other book better, but she did still enjoy reading through all of Machines at Work.

The book shows the activity throughout a variety of construction sites with different machines and construction workers. At 17 pages, Machines at Work shows a full range of construction starting from the workers going to work and ending with them going home at the end of the long day.

Barton’s pictures fill entire pages with colorful machines and cute workers. With clean lines and plain, colorful backgrounds each picture is designed to attract the attention of young babies. The background colors change on every page giving the book a rainbow feel as little children flip through the pages.

Text is limited to three or four words on each pair of pages. Simple vocabulary and short, declarative sentences are easy enough for the youngest readers to handle by themselves. As with many board books targeted at a young audience, most children will spend much longer looking at pictures throughout Machines at Work than it takes to read the text.

Machines at Work is well-suited for babies and toddlers because of its cute, attention-grabbing pictures. Even older children who like machinery and buildings will enjoy looking through the book and identifying the different construction equipment.

Machines at Work costs (including shipping) under $8 new and under $4 used from Amazon.