Make Way For Baby on Ducklings

Make Way For Baby on DucklingsIn a moment of creative genius I decided to take a cute picture of baby Arya this afternoon. Since one of our friends gave our daughter a full ducky outfit as a baby shower gift, I wanted to take a picture of Arya wearing the ducky outfit while sitting on a famous duck.

The first part of the plan went off without incident. Baby liked most of the ducky outfit. She hated the headband, but she didn’t complain about the pantsuit or the bib.

Make Way For Baby on Ducklings - Ducky OutfitAfter changing her into a more comfortable (and less silly) hat, it was time for us to go to the Boston Public Garden. Our destination was a line of metallic duck statues near one corner of the Public Garden.

The statues — which are based on a famous children’s book — are a popular tourist attraction. The “Make Way For Ducklings” statues are also used in area fundraisers.

I vaguely remember being read Robert McCloskey’s book as a child and I plan to read the book to my baby once she gets a little older. So our fun picture idea was supposed to be a way of letting her connect the book to her environment.

As soon as we stepped outside of the apartment I knew my plan was in trouble. Not only was the temperature in the high 50s, but strong winds were whipping trash down our street. Undeterred I went back to get a jacket and blankets for Arya.

Make Way For Baby On Ducklings - Line of DucklingsOnce we got to the Boston Public Garden we had to squeeze through a surprisingly large crowd of tourists to get close to the ducklings.

The large crowd was problematic for two reasons. Friendly folks kept wanting to talk to us about our cute baby. Worse, it was difficult to get an unobstructed picture of Arya on the ducklings. First I took a dozen shots in an attempt to get a decent picture of baby on the mama duckling (at top).

Arya’s legs were too small to fit on the mama duck’s head. My daughter is far too young to sit up herself and the width of mama duck make it hard to fill the frame for a good picture.

Finally I settled for a mediocre picture of Arya half-sitting on the smallest duckling. I still think the concept would make for a great picture. If my baby still fits in her ducky outfit in a few months then we will try again.

Make Way For Ducklings - Little Duckling