Max’s First Word by Rosemary Wells – Book Review

Max's First Word by Rosemary WellsArya likes books with bright colors and large images.

Even though Max’s First Word by Rosemary Wells is an old book first published in 1979, the huge bunny staring out from the green front cover caught my baby’s attention.

After a redesign of the book series in 1998 the entire series of Max board books has large illustrations on every page.

Although it is a short 12 pages, Max’s First Word includes a cute plot with simple vocabulary. Max, a baby bunny is happy to say his one word, “bang”. Despite the best efforts of his sister to get Max to say different words, Max continues to say his only word until the last page of the book.

Each page has a different colored pastel background. A single, large image is centered on every page. Max or his sister is included in every picture with a small additional prop added in each drawing. Max’s sister tries to teach him to say “cup”, “pot”, “broom”, “fish”, “egg”, “chair”, “apple”, and “yum” by showing him different items. Max ignores her and continues to say “bang” until the final page of the book.

After eating an apple, Max finally declares, “delicious” as his second word.

With cute illustrations and colorful backgrounds Max’s First Word is interesting to even young babies like my daughter. The amusing storyline will appeal to school-age children old enough to read themselves. Children of all ages will like the interplay between Max and his sister.

Max’s First Word costs (including shipping) under $8 new and under $5 used from Amazon.