Meeting a One-month Old Baby

Meeting a One-month Old BabyArya met a newborn baby this weekend.

While she’s met other babies before, we thought meeting a one-month old baby might be different for our daughter. Our 14-week old baby has never interacted with anyone younger than herself until yesterday.

I expected she would react differently to seeing a baby smaller than her. Arya didn’t care about the cute newborn and she spend the afternoon trying to get attention from the adults.

Whenever we go outside other children love to stare at Arya and her stroller. She normally glances back, but doesn’t treat them differently than any other random object on the street.

At this weekend’s party Arya was far more interested in looking at the adults rather than the little baby. We think she might be just unfamiliar with other babies and how they are different from big people. Babies who successfully find play groups will obviously be more comfortable with other babies than my daughter. We’ve been considering finding a consistent play group for our little girl as a way to get her to socialize with other children.

Other parents report lots of fun when their little ones meet other babies. When Arya gets older she might be more interested in interacting with other kids her age.

For now she did like looking at the food, being carried, and listening to new voices. She didn’t care whether there was another baby in the room or not.

We’re happy that our baby enjoys interacting with people. Mommy is thrilled by her big smiles from across the room and I love how Arya gets so happy to see us that she can’t help but move her arms and legs.

She enjoyed her time at the party and particularly liked the attention from new adults. Perhaps in the future she will want to play with other babies as well.

Meeting a One-month Old Baby

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