Meeting Aunty For the First Time

Meeting Aunty For the First TimeOver this past weekend my wife and I were lucky enough to witness our baby meeting her aunty for the first time.

My wife’s sister was in town for the weekend and I was delighted watch my daughter interact with a new family member.

Arya has already met many people and seems used to all the attention. She is also too young to experience separation anxiety.

Our daughter, Arya, is naturally accepting of new people, but she was particularly delighted to play with her aunt. At 6 weeks old, Arya is highly likely to identify with a human face, but probably too young to recognize individual faces.

However, Arya spent an inordinate amount of time staring at her aunty’s face and was visibly calmed whenever aunty would give her a reassuring hug. It’s hard to tell whether the behavior of the adults affected my daughter. It is possible that my wife and I are more relaxed around her sister than with even our close friends and that our comfort is somehow communicated to our baby.

It is also possible that my sister-in-law is more comfortable with Arya because she feels a closer bond and that my baby responds in-kind. We have all chosen to believe that our baby already loves her aunty and is beginning to understand the bonds of family.

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