Meeting Grandma For the First Time

Meeting Grandma For the First TimeMy mom flew across the country to visit us this week and my newborn baby got to meet grandma for the first time. Since my mother-in-law visited earlier, this is the second grandma Arya has met in the seven weeks since her birth.

Meeting grandma for the first time is a lot less exciting for my baby than it is for my mom. My mom brought along cards, gifts, and obligatory cute baby outfits. Arya views her as just another minion to provide milk, comfort, and clean diapers.

Having my mom here is great and I’m delighted that my daughter gets to spend time with so many grandparents. At the same time, it is odd that the roles have reversed. My mother, who was always yelling at me to keep me in line, is now a lax grandmother. I now have to scold my own mother (in a losing battle) to stop her from spoiling my daughter.

We will all see how the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter develops over time. For now I am just happy they get to spend time with each other.

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