Meeting Grandpa For the First Time

Meeting Grandpa For the First Time- Looking at Each OtherArya met her paternal grandpa for the first time yesterday.

My dad is on the East Coast for business and stopped by to visit this weekend. Both grandpa and baby were excited to meet each other.

Grandpa got to meet his first grandchild for the first time. Baby got to meet a guy with a strange mustache.

Many parents have written about their babies happy to meet grandpa for the first time. Arya was happy to spend time with grandpa since he was eager to carry her while walking around the city.

Meeting Grandpa For the First Time - ReflectionBoston is easily walkable with our big stroller. The city is a little less walkable when baby insists on being carried the entire time.

With grandpa using her favorite infant carrier, Arya got her way and was carried around the entire afternoon.

Grandpa could only stay for one day so he wanted to take Arya for a long walk. After eating at Regina Pizzeria where baby was fascinated by the fan, the family went to Mike’s Pastry so my dad could try a cannoli.

Meeting Grandpa For the First Time - Ice CreamNot only did grandpa get a pistachio cannoli, he also bought a large gelato cone.

Poor Arya got to watch her grandpa eat a big ice cream cone on the way home. Then poor Arya got to watch the rest of the family enjoying cannolis while she had to eat the same thing she’s been eating since the day she was born.

Baby has one more day to spend with grandpa this weekend. She seems happy to have one more minion to carry her around and delighted to have another adult to talk to her. Mommy and I are both happy that Arya got to meet grandpa for the first time and we’re glad baby and grandpa get to spend more time together in a few weeks.

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