Meeting GungGung For the First Time

Meeting GungGung For the First TimeArya got to meet the last of her four grandparents this afternoon.

She had already met both grandmothers and my dad. Today, my wife’s parents came to visit for a week.

GungGung (the Chinese word for grandfather) was the final one of her four grandparents to meet Arya in person.

My father-in-law had been watching Arya’s progress through photos and videos and he received lots of updates from his wife when my mother-in-law was visiting us earlier this year. He also got to see her live through a Skype video chat when she was a month old.

Meeting in person was a different experience. He was happy to see her. She was happy to see another person to give her attention.

Now that my baby can identify people, focus from across the room, and babble, she is much more fun to play with. Unlike when she initially met PoPo, she giggled and laughed when she saw her grandmother and grandfather this time.

Both of her grandparents were happy to watch Arya. She really liked having extra adults around the house to carry her and play with her. Baby especially enjoyed having people smile at her and hug her throughout the day.

We wanted to get a good video of Arya meeting GungGung for the first time. I did manage to get a few seconds of their first face-to-face meeting, but since PoPo was so excited to see her again after six weeks, grandma quickly dominated the meeting with excited playtime.

Our baby is lucky that she has met all of her grandparents before turning four months old. She is even luckier that she gets to spend time with them at all. Hopefully both Arya and GungGung enjoy their week together.

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