Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson – Book Review

Mouse's First Fall by Lauren ThompsonI like reading Arya books about topics relevant to real life since they provide variety from the standard children’s book fare.

Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson is the first books I’ve read to my daughter about the coming season. With the weather finally getting cooler I thought it would be a good time to read her a book about fall.

Arya liked the front cover showing a cute mouse hiding underneath an orange leaf as more leaves fall from the trees around him.

Mouse’s First Fall tells the story of two mice, Mouse and Minka, who go outside during the fall to play with the colorful leaves. Although the story is not particularly memorable, the book retains a tight focus on the mice and changing leaves of fall.

Mouse–who is small and light grey–and Minka–who is larger and dark purple–are illustrated in a cute, whimsical style against deep, rich colors of a semi-abstract background. The illustrator, Buket Erdogan, uses intricate detail in painting the leaves with unique colors, textures, and shapes throughout the book.

While there are images other than the mice and the leaves, children will be drawn to the huge leaves and the relatively small mice on every page. In a novel complaint relative to most children’s books, the black text against the dark colored backgrounds are a little difficult to see for older readers. Higher contrast between the text and the background would have made the book much easier for adults to read to children as the low contrast design makes it difficult to read sideways, upside-down, or at an angle.

Mouse’s First Fall is a great book for preschool or kindergarten-age children to read by themselves. Thompson introduces a few difficult words on each page, but the bulk of the story consists of simple, single-syllable vocabulary. Occasional words are emphasized with different color text matching the colors of the fall leaves.

Even young babies will appreciate the rich colors shown throughout the book. Arya kept trying to touch the leaves and she especially liked the dark red leaves on the page where Mouse is running through the leaves.

Mouse’s First Fall costs (including shipping) under $8 new and under $5 used from Amazon.