Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Munchkin Fresh Food FeederArya has found a new way to entertain herself.

She will sit quietly for up to half-an-hour as long as we put a piece of fresh fruit into her Munchkin fresh food feeder.

Since uninterrupted, peaceful time is at a premium whenever Arya is around, the Munchkin has become my new favorite product.

The Munchkin fresh food feeder consists of a mesh net attached to a large handle. The feeder is small enough for babies to hold by themselves and the product has a smooth finish with no sharp edges. The mesh net is designed to hold pieces of fruit or vegetables.

So far we’ve used mostly cut, hard fruits like apples and pears in the feeder. Arya’s upper teeth haven’t erupted yet so she can’t actually bite into the fruit pieces. But the feeder allows her to gnaw on them with her gums and drink some of the fruit juice that comes out of the netting.

Although it would be possible to use the Munchkin with baby food or juicier fruits, we’ve limited our daughter to using the feeder with hard fruits. The feeder is dishwasher safe, but it is hard to get the net and container cleaned with just the dishwasher. I would be able to clean the Munchkin by hand after using it with softer foods, but we treat it more as a teething toy rather than an actual feeding utensil.

As more of Arya’s teeth come in she’ll be able to bite into the netting and chew on pieces of fruit.

The Munchkin fresh food feeder comes in packs with multiple feeders in different colors. The 4 pack costs (including shipping) less than $10 brand new from Amazon.

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