My Baby Doesn’t Sleep at Night

My Baby Doesn't Sleep At Night
My Baby Doesn’t Sleep At Night: Sleeping at Noon

My newborn baby doesn’t sleep at night. While my daughter, Arya, has no problem sleeping throughout the day, she has a hard time falling asleep between midnight and 6am.

Arya’s problem with sleeping at night is not necessarily the same not sleeping through the night. Rather, she has a problem sleeping at night at all. From the late morning until early afternoon she will often sleep four uninterrupted hours so long as she is full and has a clean diaper.

Throughout most of the early evening my baby will also sleep at least two hours per cycle with occasional longer sleep times if they immediately follow a nursing session. However, my baby has trouble getting to sleep anytime throughout the night and, when she does fall asleep at night, she only goes one baby sleep cycle before waking up.

I have a list of more than 50 parenting books about baby sleeping techniques and many of these are sitting on my bookshelf. Lots of them discuss different aspects of getting babies to sleep through the night or ways of getting babies to fall asleep. None of them talk about my baby daughter’s specific problem.

My baby sleeps fine during the day. My baby doesn’t sleep at night.

With a long list of possible reasons — nursing versus pumped breastmilk versus formula, noise level, household activity, proximity to my wife or myself, temperature, allergens, etc. — it may take a while for us to identify the reason by baby girl doesn’t sleep at night. For now we will enjoy the times during the day when our daughter sleeps peacefully and I will survive the night shift with a baby who doesn’t like to sleep during the night.

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