My Baby Likes to Sleep on Her Stomach

My Baby Likes to Sleep on Her Stomach
My Baby Likes to Sleep on Her Stomach

Despite our best efforts to train her to only sleep on her back, my baby likes to sleep on her stomach. Because we are concerned about SIDS, we force our daughter to sleep on her back whenever an adult isn’t watching her constantly. However, whenever there is someone to look after her, our baby strongly prefers having her stomach facing down.

Our baby’s favorite sleeping position involves being carried or lying on other people. While she’s too cute to resist some of the time, we don’t want her to get into the habit of relying on her parents to fall asleep. We try to get her to sleep by herself as much as possible.

When sleeping by herself, our daughter prefers being scrunched into her favorite boppy pillow so that she can feel light pressure on all sides of her body. Although my wife and I don’t like it, our baby also tries to smush her cheek or face into the pillow. We usually compromise and let her sleep at a 135 degree angle to the ground. This way her nose and mouth are free of obstructions, she can still feel the pillow on all sides, and since we are watching her we can constantly confirm that she is breathing.

If we try to put her on her back in the crib during the day, our baby strongly resists and starts whining and squirming. If we leave her in that position for longer than a minute she begins screaming and flailing her arms and legs. We are then forced to pick her up and carry her to calm her down. Then, twenty minutes later if we try to put her on her back, she repeats her cycle of complaining.

She has been a little better at night and she will now sleep for a few hours at a time when placed on her back in her crib as long as she is very full and has a clean diaper. However, even during the night she will experience baby night terrors and require comfort every 30 to 45 minutes to fall back asleep.

Our little girl’s enormous preference for sleeping on her stomach makes me very concerned about SIDS, but having her crying and screaming all day, every day, is not an acceptable solution either.

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