My Baby Pooped On Me

My Baby Pooped On MeIt was bound to happen sometime, but this afternoon my baby pooped on me while I was changing her diaper.

I’ve been wanting to improve our makeshift diaper changing setup for a few weeks now and being pooped on may finally give me enough motivation to find a better process.

Finding low-cost ideas on how to improve the diaper changing process would be great. Finding ideas on how to avoid having my baby poop on me would be even better.

Our Diaper Changing Station

In our current setup, we start with a washable sheet covering a cheap couch in the living room. Next, we place layers of bath towels on top of the sheet. Finally, we pile disposable bibs on top of the towels for an additional layer of protection.

Anytime Arya pees outside of her diaper while being changed, we can simply throw away and replace the bibs. On the rare occasion she manages to soak through the bibs on to the towels, we simply launder and replace the towels.

We place diapers, bibs, paper towels, and wet cloths in a green plastic tub (that used to be a planter) on the edge of the couch near the armrest. We use disposable plastic supermarket bags placed open on the floor next to the couch to throw away waste.

Since we live in an apartment, we can simply tie up the bags and throw them into the garbage chute after each change. In reality, I throw away those bags once they are full after a dozen changes.

Our current setup is great for catching accidents that occur while Arya’s diaper is off.

The setup is also pretty low-budget and comfortable for the adults since we can sit on the couch next to her while changing diapers.

I’ve gotten pretty good at using the edge of the old diaper to defend against messy accidents before being able to slip the new diaper under Arya’s butt. Unfortunately, since I use one hand to hold both her ankles and raise her butt in the air while changing her, I only have one hand free during the process.

When I reach for a baby-wipe or paper towel, I have to release the old diaper and I lose my defensive shield.

This afternoon, Arya took advantage of that lapsed defense and had a violent, airborne stream of poop that hit my shirt, pants, forearm, and knee.

She followed it up with a watery clump of poop that soaked through the old diaper, multiple layers of bibs, and my hand.

Finally, she concluded by urinating beyond the already wet area through the bibs onto the towels.

I was so shocked by her initial poop attack that I was too slow to stop her from peeing all over the place. After rushing her to the bathroom to wash baby in the sink I scrubbed myself from head to toe in the shower.

If having my baby poop on me is a once-in-a-baby’s-lifetime occurrence then I will try to laugh it off. If I am doing something wrong and I will get pooped on again then I would like to improve my diaper changing process.

Since I’ll remember this incident for a while, I’m now on the lookout for the best ways to change my baby’s diaper.

After this incident, I won’t be converting to cloth diapers or wipes. The mess with a normal diaper kit is more than enough for me.

Entertainment For the Family

I think being pooped on ranks as the worst experience I’ve had since Arya was born. My wife thinks I’m overreacting to a normal part of having a baby and laughed at the sight of poop everywhere.

My mother-in-law laughed the whole time and continues to laugh every time we talk about Arya pooping on me. Maybe it’s because I was the one who got pooped on, but I think my reaction of disgust is perfectly normal.

If nothing else, being pooped on provided entertainment for the family. Our reaction to Arya pooping on me also confirms the importance of having a sense of humor. A family that can laugh about the baby pooping on Daddy is a pretty good family.

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