My First Body Board Book by DK Publishing – Book Review

My First Body Board Book by DK PublishingArya has become obsessed with looking at other babies.

Whenever we read to her she stares at the babies and constantly slaps at their pictures.

My First Body Board Book by DK Publishing is filled with pictures of babies in cute poses.

My First Body Board Book is designed to teach young children the words for different body parts. The cover image shows a smiling baby sitting in a bubble bath. The visible parts of his body are identified by name with lines connecting the body part and corresponding word.

The rest of the book continues in a similar fashion. A cute picture of a baby serves as a focal point while text descriptions of various body parts teach little ones their associated names.

Like other books by DK Publishing, My First Body Board Book is a combination of a useful teaching tool for toddlers and fascinating pictures for babies. Arya liked all the pictures of babies, but she especially loved the pictures where the babies’ face and eyes were clearly visible.

Since text is limited to names of body parts and short descriptions, older readers who already know the names of all their body parts may be bored. But for any children who are still learning vocabulary for body parts and associated concepts, My First Body Board Book provides a wonderful opportunity to learn while having fun.

My First Body Board Book costs (including shipping) under $6 new and under $5 used from Amazon.