My Very First Book of Words by Eric Carle – Book Review

My Very First Book of Words by Eric CarleSince Arya has already shown that she likes books by Eric Carle, I am happy to read any of his books to my daughter.

I should have waited to read My Very First Book of Words by Eric Carle until my baby learns to read herself.

Although the book has 10 colorful illustrations drawn in typical Carle fashion, the text is designed to be a puzzle book for children to read themselves.

My Very First Books of Words contains ten pictures of different objects: clock, boy, car, house, girl, star, ball, fish, sun, and cat. The interior pages of the book are cut in half with the top and bottom halves flipping independently.

The top half of each page has a word corresponding with a picture somewhere in the book. The bottom half of each page has one of the pictures. Children are supposed to treat the book like a puzzle.

When children read the word “cat” on the top half of the page, they are supposed to flip the bottom half pages until they find a cat. The sole purpose of the top half of the book is to show one word per page.

The reverse side of the bottom pages has the word which corresponds with the visible picture. So while the upper half of the first page shows the word “cat”, the bottom half shows the word “clock” on the left and a picture of the clock on the right.

The first time through the book will be delightful for children who have just learned to read or identify the appropriate words. Subsequent readings of the book will be less enjoyable because the order never changes and kids can simply memorize the location of each of the ten pictures.

For young babies like Arya, My First Book of Words has little appeal. The pictures were too small to hold her attention on their own and there wasn’t sufficient detail on each page for me to describe more than a few different aspects per page. She did like playing with the separated pages and she spent a minute grasping the book and flipping the pages by herself.

Children who are old enough to understand the puzzle aspect of the book will love solving it until they memorize the solution. Babies who are too young to grasp the concept are better off reading books with larger pictures.

My Very First Book of Words costs (including shipping) $5.99 new and $3.99 used from Amazon.