Nine Month Visit to the Pediatrician

Nine Month Visit to the PediatricianArya had her nine month visit to the pediatrician this week.

The nine-month old baby visit is part of the standard well baby check-up schedule.

Mommy and I were excited for Arya’s visit because we both felt she had slimmed down from crawling over the past few months.

Most babies put on weight more slowly once they are able to crawl. We thought Arya had become slimmer since her six month visit to the pediatrician so we expected her weight percentile to decrease. Ever since she was one-month old, my baby was above 90 percentile on the baby growth charts for girls.

Unfortunately even though Arya put on weight at a slower rate, most babies apparently slow their weight gain even faster. So while my baby is visibly slimmer relative to her height than she was in previous months, she still is in the 95th percentile for weight-for-age. She weighed 22 pounds at the pediatrician, which is only a few pounds more than she was at her six month visit to the pediatrician. But the small increase was enough to slightly increase her percentile.

As always, our pediatrician is not concerned about Arya’s weight since she is still on the chart.

She was also a little longer for her age than she was at six months. On this visit she measured 28.25 inches which put her into the 75th percentile for height-for-age.

I was happy to find out that the growth rate in her head circumference has increased onto a normal track. At 44cm, Arya’s head circumference is at the 50th percentile for her age.

Luckily for Arya the nine-month old well baby visit doesn’t require any shots or vaccinations. Our doctor did ask a series of questions about her development. Arya is babbling normally (and noisily), she can manipulate objects, she is crawling, and she is developing stranger anxiety.

In a fun development for Arya, our pediatrician recommended that we begin feeding her meat in addition to her current diet of fruits and vegetables. Although this requires me to find easy-to-make, baby-safe recipes, it also means she can start eating the same things as her parents.

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