Oink-Ha! by Bernard Most – Book Review

Oink-Ha by Bernard MostThe cover of Oink-Ha! by Bernard Most shows a cute pink pig against a bright orange background.

The pig is lounging on his arms as he exclaims, “Oink-Ha!”

A variety of colorful backgrounds and the ever-present cute pig make the book interesting for young babies. A series of puns and homonyms make the book amusing for older children.

The premise of Oink-Ha! is to figure out what makes a pig laugh. The book is filled with silly jokes aimed at kids old enough to read on their own.

The left side of each page has black text against a different color background. The right side has a playful illustration of a pig against with a unique backdrop.

Even children who are too young to get the humor of the book will appreciate the colorful illustrations. Readers who are old enough to understand the jokes will find the drawings even more amusing as they depict the pig acting out the text.

Arya’s favorite page showed the pig pigging out by eating all kinds of different fruits and vegetables. Older babies might have been able to identify some of the foods on the page. My daughter just wiggled her hands and legs as she was excited by the different colors on the page.

Bernard Most is a full-time author/illustrator of children’s books who lives in Weschester, New York. On his website he lists dozens of his books as well as extra pages on games and reference links.

Oink-Ha! costs (including shipping) $12.99 new and $4.29 used from Amazon.