One Month Visit to the Pediatrician

One Month Visit to the Pediatrician - ClothesArya had her one month visit to the pediatrician this afternoon.

The one month doctor’s visit is a standard appointment according to the well baby check-up schedule.

During the visit my daughter was also scheduled to receive her second vaccination based on the standard baby vaccination schedule.

I was looking forward to Arya’s visit because I had a list of questions I wanted to ask our pediatrician. None of them were important enough to for a special phone call or sick visit so we just collected them over the past two weeks and waited until our schedule visit this afternoon.

Our list of concerns were:

My wife is hard at work studying for her dental board exam. She also has to pump and caring for herself following baby’s difficult delivery so she can’t afford the time to go to the doctor with us.

So after a totally-necessary change of clothes into my favorite “Daddy’s Girl” outfit, I took Arya to the doctor by myself.

I had also scheduled a follow-up ultrasound to check for internal damage to Arya’s brain from her difficult birth at the same location after our pediatric visit this afternoon.

Given the timing, I ended up having half of Arya’s one month check-up, taking her for her ultrasound, then returning to the pediatrician to finish the appointment. Despite the inefficient schedule and length of our appointment, our pediatrician patiently answered all of the questions on my list:

  • We will wait another month for more progress on Arya’s head shape.
  • We will wait for the scabs on Arya’s head fall off on their own.
  • The dry skin on Arya’s forehead is probably harmless cradle cap.
  • The red spot could be a birthmark, but is more likely a hemangioma.
  • She gave me saline drops to use prior to the nasal aspirator.

Arya also received the second round of her Hepatitis B vaccination. The shot was more painful for daddy than for baby.

Arya’s one month visit to the pediatrician took nearly four hours because of the ultrasound and doctor’s visit. Thankfully our baby is healthy in spite of the long list of (what the doctor probably feels are silly) complaints from her parents.

One Month Visit to the Pediatrician - Sleeping

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