Opposites by Eric Carle – Book Review

Opposites by Eric CarleOpposites by Eric Carle combines two of Arya’s favorite things: large, high-contrast illustrations and pop-up flaps.

My baby loves board books with one enormous picture per page. She also loves books with movable pieces or pop-up flaps.

Eric Carle utilizes both of those features in Opposites while teaching young readers about the meaning of opposites.

The front and back covers of the standard hardcover version of Opposites have a red outline surrounding an off-white background. Readers are supposed to be drawn into the picture of a big grey elephant next to a tiny brown mouse. The cover was Arya’s least favorite part of the book. The image of the mouse is far too small to hold the attention of youngsters.

The pictures inside the book were much better. Every page consists of a single word on the left side with a single illustration on the right side. After reading the word, such as “sun”, and looking at the picture, children can lift the flap to see the opposite, such as “moon”, and look at the second picture.

Lift-up flaps are critical to the appeal of Opposites. By allowing kids to concentrate on a single word and single image at a time, Carle allows his youngest readers to dedicate their full attention to one concept at a time. Alternatively, older children can test themselves by trying to identify the opposite image before lifting the flap to check their answers.

Eric Carle is a prolific writer of children’s books with more than 40 books listed on his personal webpage. His most popular book — The Very Hungry Caterpillar — has been translated into hundred of languages and his books have combined for more than 100 million copies sold around the world.

Opposites costs (including shipping) $5.99 new and $4.49 used from Amazon.