Packing For Baby’s First Road Trip

Packing For Baby's First Road TripArya took her first road trip this weekend.

With grandpa visiting over the weekend for the last time this summer, we decided to take a trip to Vermont to take care of one more state on his bucket list.

Planning for baby’s first road trip was fun, but since it was also baby’s first car ride and the baby’s first night away from home, we had to pack extra items for every contingency.

My dad rented a large mini-van for the trip to ensure enough room to fit all of our stuff. While baby’s stuff took up the bulk of the space, two sets of golf clubs plus related gear also occupied some room.

Packing For Baby's First Road TripOur huge stroller and the golf equipment easily fit in the trunk of the van.

Bags full of clothes, toiletries, and electronics took up the passenger seat. One of the two chairs in the second row was filled with all of baby’s stuff. Half of the third row held the rest of Arya’s luggage and her car seat.

There was just enough room left for me to fit in the seat in the second row and Mommy to sit next to Arya in the third row.

Whereas packing for a trip for just my wife and I takes about 20 minutes, it took us more than three hours to pack for baby’s first road trip.

Packing For Baby's First Road TripMany other parents have tips for taking a road trip with a baby.

I did intend to read through tips for packing for our road trip with baby, but somehow I ran out of time during the week and we were left simply packing everything we could possibly expect Arya to use during our trip.

Our list of just baby’s items including:

  • Onesies * 4
  • Pants * 2
  • Socks * 2
  • Hats * 3
  • Light Jacket
  • Heavy Jacket
  • Burp Cloths * 5
  • Diapers * 30
  • Wipes (full pack)
  • Dental Bibs * 10
  • Diaper Bag
  • Jar of Formula
  • Baby Bottles * 4
  • Baby Bottle Lids * 4
  • Baby Bottle Nipples * 2
  • Breast Pump
  • Icepack
  • Towels * 3
  • Blankets * 3
  • Toys * lots
  • Books * lots
  • Baby Vitamins
  • Baby Tylenol
  • Umbrellas * 2
  • Stroller
  • Car Seat
  • Strap Cover
  • Cheap Infant Carrier
  • Good Infant Carrier
  • Boppy Pillow
  • Baby Budz

I can’t imagine that Arya needs anything else. But after the long weekend, I’m sure we’ll think of something we forgot to pack this time around.

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