How to Make a Child ID Kit For Your Baby

There are so many things that can happen to children as they grow through the years. It can be a scary process raising children in a world that has all of these potential dangers. One thing that a parent can do to make sure that their child is easily found if anything were to happen to them would be to create a child identification kit. A child identification kit serves to help authorities should your child go missing.

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How to Setup a Baby Nursery

You may have just found out you are expecting your first baby. You may think you have plenty of time to figure out how to set up a baby nursery, but think again. Time gets away from you quickly and there can be appreciable expense so start planning now. This will ensure you can have what you want without being overwhelmed at the last minute.

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How to Soothe a Teething Baby

A teething baby can be a cranky baby. Every parent of a teething child understands the pain that comes with the constant discomfort of cutting teeth. It can be as hard on the caregiver as it is on the child who is actually going through the teething process. Those who have been around the block once or twice understand that there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain of your child.

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How to Entertain a Baby on an Airplane

Airline travel is stressful. The endless line through security, the ever present possibility of delays, and incredibly tight seating frays the nerves of the most seasoned traveler. Of course, things could be worse. There could be a crying baby on the plane.

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Picture Ideas For Your Newborn Baby

The first few months of a newborn’s life are a hectic time that rushes past in the blink of an eye. Most parents take innumerable candid photos of their new infant, but it is also nice to take the time for a few special portraits. While it is easy to come up with picture ideas for your newborn baby, not all of them will be practical. Babies can be notoriously difficult to photograph in posed shots, but with a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, you can easily achieve a memorable result.

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How to Choose a Play Gym For a Baby

Play gyms for your newborn are great products to buy to keep your child entertained in those first few months. But how should parents approach the factors to consider buying one for the home? There are a lot of factors that you need to take in before settling on the play gym of your choice, so keeping a checklist of these can greatly help. Here are some important tips on how to choose a play gym for your baby.

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What to Pack in a Hospital Bag Before Giving Birth

Preparations for the birth of baby can be exciting, but time consuming. There is so much to do, from setting up a nursery, to choosing clothes, strollers, and all sorts of assorted paraphernalia. As the big day approaches, many expectant mothers are faced with the vexed question of what to pack in a hospital bag before giving birth. The onset of labor can be a dramatic moment, resulting in a mad dash to the hospital. A pre packed bag is crucial to getting out of the door quickly, and is a vital resource to any new mother.

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How to Choose a Baby Bouncer

Buying a baby bouncer is a great way to keep your baby active and occupied. If you are busy preparing dinner or folding laundry, you can put your baby in a bouncer so you can use both of your hands and keep your child a safe distance from where you are working. Bouncers are also great for soothing a cranky baby because the bouncing or rocking motion will help calm many babies.

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Baby’s Colors by Karen Katz – Book Review

Baby's Colors by Karen KatzArya likes small books with thick pages.

Baby’s Colors by Karen Katz has solid pages that are large enough for my daughter to turn by herself.

The front cover shows a baby with an enormous forehead chasing a colorful ball.
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My Very First Book of Numbers by Eric Carle – Book Review

My Very First Book of Numbers by Eric CarleSince our visit to the Eric Carle Museum, I’ve tried to read every Eric Carle book to Arya.

My Very First Book of Numbers by Eric Carle is a unique book with a strange two-flap design.

Although it took her a while to get used to the book, eventually my baby liked turning the bottom pages to find pictures of new fruits.
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