Picture Ideas For Your Newborn Baby

The first few months of a newborn’s life are a hectic time that rushes past in the blink of an eye. Most parents take innumerable candid photos of their new infant, but it is also nice to take the time for a few special portraits. While it is easy to come up with picture ideas for your newborn baby, not all of them will be practical. Babies can be notoriously difficult to photograph in posed shots, but with a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, you can easily achieve a memorable result.

A must have on the list of picture ideas for your newborn baby is the first bath at the hospital. While this is not a formal portrait, it is nonetheless a priceless memory, and one that a parent will always cherish. Unlike a posed picture, this idea is very easy to implement. Just have your partner or one of the nurses snap a picture in the delivery room.

Generational pictures are a wonderful category of picture ideas for your newborn baby. Gather your extended family in one room and take a series of family shots. These can be grouped in a variety of ways – you can take one picture with just the grandparents and the baby, another with all the aunts and uncles, and still another with the whole family together. It is also a nice idea to have several generations in one shot, such as a group consisting of the great grandmother, the grandmother, the mother, and the newborn. Such photos showcase your newborn and preserve invaluable family memories.

Newborns tend to tire easily and have a quickly shifting attention span, so when planning picture ideas for your newborn baby it is best not to go with any elaborate schemes. Their skin is also extremely sensitive to irritants, so costumes with stiff, itchy components are not a good idea. Many parents like to have their newborns pictured as daisies, sunflowers, butterflies and all manner of flora and fauna. The idea is popular and there is no denying that the result is utterly adorable. However, a newborn rarely cares to be dressed up in a complicated costume, nor will they want to sit and pose for a picture. A good way to get around this is to take a regular picture of your newborn and then digitally add the costume.

One of the most fascinating things about newborns is the amazing rapidity with which they grow. Picture ideas for your newborn baby that reflect their shifting size are a nice idea. Place your newborn in a chair or bed next to something of constant size, like a stuffed toy. Take a series of pictures using the same pose over a number of months. Compile them all in one album and pull them out every time you stop to wonder at how quickly your tiny baby is growing.

Good picture ideas for your newborn baby are easy to come up with as long as you choose options that keep your baby safe and comfortable.

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