Plate of Baby Toys

Plate of Baby ToysWe’ve had trouble finding a convenient way to store all of Arya’s toys.

Toy boxes, drawers, and even toy bags are too cumbersome to use on a daily basis.

Finally mommy figured out that we should just serve Arya a plate of baby toys.

Most of Arya’s baby toys consist of either large, free-standing items or small toys that she can pickup by herself. The big toys can be pushed into a corner or stacked on the side of her Alphabet play mat. But the small toys are too numerous and too small to put away one at a time.

By using a large, baby-safe plate, we can just toss all of the small baby toys onto the plate and leave the plate on the play mat. Arya likes being able to pick through her toys on the plate. We like that the toys are contained rather than rolling around the floor.

When she wants to play with a different toy, Arya will simply crawl to the plate, sit down, and choose a new toy. Once she is done with her first choice she will drop it and pick up a different toy from the plate. Although we’ve been trying, it will be a while until baby will put her toys back after she is done playing with them.

The plate of baby toys is easy to carry with one hand so we can easily move all of the toys whenever we need to clean up. When the plate is full of toys it is too heavy and too difficult for Arya to carry so we don’t have to worry about her dumping all of her toys randomly across the floor.

While there are pretty toy organizers for permanent storage and cute toy scoopers for cleaning, our budget and space constraints don’t leave room for too many extra products. For now we will rely on the plate of baby toys to limit the disorganized mess of baby toys spreading throughout the house.

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