Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 Months

Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 MonthsSince babies need sunscreen if they are exposed to direct sunlight, I needed to find safe sunscreen for babies under 6 months for my daughter.

We try hard to keep Arya out of direct sunlight at all times.

When outdoors we use a combination of hats, stroller covers, blankets, and umbrellas to block the sun from hitting her delicate skin. Unfortunately there are some events — like Father’s Day at Fenway Park — where blocking all the sun is impossible.

Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 MonthsI only look for one thing when deciding if sunscreen is safe for my baby: the active ingredients.

The active ingredients are required to be listed on all sunscreens sold in the United States.

There are only two relative safe active ingredients for babies — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide form a protective barrier on top of the skin to block the sun’s rays. All other chemicals are absorbed into the skin.

Both of the two sunscreens [picture above] my wife I use currently use have ingredients that are not safe for our baby. Even sunscreens with one of the two safe ingredients sometimes use unsafe chemicals as well.

Unfortunately even sunscreens marketed as “baby sunscreen” contain absorbent chemicals. Two of the most popular brands for babies are filled with such chemicals: Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen and
Babyganics Cover Up Baby Sunscreen.

I found three major brands that produce relatively safe sunscreen for babies under 6 months:

California Baby Sunscreen Lotion
BurnOut Kids Physical Sunscreen
Johnson & Johnson Baby Daily Face and Body Sunscreen Lotion

All three use either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide with no other active ingredients. With equally high reviews for all three brands, I ordered a 3-bottle pack of Johnson & Johnson Baby Daily Face and Body Sunscreen Lotion through the Amazon Subscribe & Save option. At $2.37 per ounce, the Johnson & Johnson Baby Sunscreen is one-third the price of California Baby ($7.43 per ounce) and 33 percent cheaper than BurnOut Kids ($3.75 per ounce).

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