Snow White Baby Costume

Snow White Baby CostumeArya was lucky enough to get two baby costumes as gifts for Halloween.

Since we planned to have Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts with baby, we needed to keep her warmer costume for the evening of Halloween.

So our baby got to wear her Snow White Baby costume earlier in the day to take cute pictures.

We took baby to Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden to find a good spot for Halloween pictures. The Parkman Bandstand in the middle of Boston Common is always a great picture location so it was an obvious first choice.

Snow White Baby Costume 2Arya can sit on her own so we were able to position her on the edge of the Bandstand. The Snow White Baby Costume doesn’t have normal leg holes. Rather, it uses a bag design to fully encase a baby’s legs within the yellow bottom of the costume. While this makes it impossible for babies to walk, the costume is intended for little ones who are under one-year old.

The bag design actually makes it easier for Arya to sit since her legs are more secure than in normal pants. With some effort we were able to get our baby to make some cute faces for different pictures.

After the Bandstand we found a secluded spot under a tree in the Public Garden to take more artistic pictures. Mommy was able to improve one of baby’s Halloween photos with GIMP, but we also took dozens of unimproved pictures.

The costume itself is comprised of different parts that are held together by velcro. The red cape and back portion of yellow bag attach to velcro strips on the back. The front has a pretty gold ribbon against blue color scheme. The Snow White Baby Costume was secure enough for Arya to play with it without ripping it or eating anything dangerous.

Both Mommy and I really like the Snow White Baby Costume, but because it’s designed for young babies this will be the last year that Arya can wear it for Halloween.

The Snow White Baby Costume costs (including shipping) under $24 from Amazon.

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