Spot Goes to a Party by Eric Hill – Book Review

Spot Goes to a PartyHaving already read two Spot books to Arya, we knew that Spot Goes to a Party by Eric Hill would be quick and entertaining for our daughter.

All Spot books focus on the cute dog. In this book Spot goes to a costume party with his friends.

Just like with Spot Bakes a Cake, Arya loved the popup parts of the book with a picture underneath.

In this book, Spot receives an personalized invitation to a party. After getting help from his mom, Spot puts on his costume and arrives at the party to have fun with all his friends.

The cute pictures of Spot and his animal friends make the book fun for children of all ages. Young babies will enjoy the colors and high-contrast font. Older kids will be amused at the prospect of talking animals dressed up as different animals for a costume party.

Spot Goes to a Party uses dialog as the exclusive means of story telling. My baby is too young to care about any differences, but when she gets older she will likely appreciate the inherent twist of talking animals and lack of a narrator.

Illustrations are big and colorful on every page. Unique pop-up items move to reveal additional pictures on the right side of each page. Arya liked touching the pop-up elements throughout the book. Unfortunately some of the smaller pop-up items were missing from the library copy we borrowed. Since the pop-up portions are only secured by glue and paper it is easy for youngsters to accidentally rip off some of the items when excitedly turning a page.

At a short 24 pages, Spot Goes to a Party is a great book for even the youngest babies. With huge, black font against a white background, children just learning to read will appreciate the book as well.

Spot Goes to a Party costs (including shipping) $6.99 new and $4.99 used from Amazon.