Spot Loves His Friends by Eric Hill – Book Review

Spot Loves His Friends by Eric HillArya liked the previous Spot book so I knew she would like Spot Loves His Friends by Eric Hill as well.

At 14 pages, this Spot book is among the shortest of any books we have read to our baby. It took less than three minutes for Mommy to read Spot Loves His Friends to Arya.

The book is ideal for kids with a short attention span, but we found that it was so short that we have to read it more than once to entertain our baby during book time.

Spot Loves His Friends shows the cute dog having fun doing different things with his friends. Each page shows a new activity that Spot and his friends enjoy.

Arya liked the pages with trees. I suspect they remind her of the real trees she likes to look at when we go to the park.

The text is very basic and targeted at young babies. Children who are old enough to read on their own will quickly tire of Spot Loves His Friends. Infants who can identify objects and learn individual words would like reading the book over and over again.

My daughter liked to touch the big pages and the standard baby board book is preferable to the more expensive hardcover.

With dozens of titles dedicated to Spot, Eric Hill has written books for different age groups. Most of his 70 children’s books are focused on pre-school age children, but Spot Loves His Friends is definitely targeted at babies from age zero to two.

Spot Loves His Friends costs (including shipping) $5.99 new and $4 used from Amazon.