Spot Loves His Mommy by Eric Hill – Book Review

Spot Loves His Mommy by Eric HillMy baby girl has consistently enjoyed reading books in the Spot series.

Spot Loves His Mommy by Eric Hill was no different.

Arya liked the combination of large, colorful pictures and short, quick text. As with all Spot books, she spent most of the time trying to touch the cute doggy on every page.

My daughter has a short attention span when it comes to books with small pictures. The Spot series of books is great because there is a single, huge picture across each pair of pages. With clean backgrounds and vibrant colors, Spot Loves His Mommy is clearly designed to hold the attention of young babies.

Unfortunately, Spot Loves His Mommy doesn’t have any flaps. Many Spot books are “lift-the-flap” books that allow little children to play with flaps built into the book. Arya really likes lifting and playing with the flaps and I suspect she would have enjoyed this book even more if it had small flaps like other Spot books.

Nevertheless, cute pictures of Spot and his Mommy were enough to maintain my baby’s interest for the duration of the text. Arya especially liked the last page with its dark pink background and red flowers.

Text is limited to two sentences on each page with simple vocabulary and grammatical structure. Beginning readers should be able to get through the book with only limited assistance. Babies too young to read will be attracted to the colors and images. Children beyond kindergarten-age may be bored of the basic plot although they will likely appreciate the relationship between Spot and his Mommy.

Spot Loves His Mommy costs (including shipping) under $6 new and under $4 used from Amazon.