Spot’s Bus Trip by Eric Hill – Book Review

Spot's Bus Trip by Eric HillWith colorful animals drawn on a huge front cover, Spot’s Bus Trip by Eric Hill is clearly aimed at babies and young toddlers.

At only 14 pages, the book isn’t long enough to tell a compelling story.

But with its cute, colorful images and over-sized pages, Spot’s Bus Trip is a great book for children too young to read.

The plot involves Spot and his friends taking a yellow school bus on a day trip to the farm, the park, and the beach. With less than a dozen words on each pair of pages and a huge font, the book is also useful for letting kids practice their early vocabulary.

Like most Spot books, Spot’s Bus Trip includes a lift-the-flaps feature. Colorful animals are hidden behind movable flaps on each page of the book. Arya liked playing with the flaps more than she enjoyed looking at the animals underneath. Unfortunately the flaps are delicate and several were ripped off completely.

A variety of animals show up throughout the story including an orange chicken, brown monkey, yellow chicks, grey sheep, blue hippo, green crocodile, pink pig, and dark brown bear. Behind each flap are additional characters: a bird, rabbits, butterfly, crab, and seagull.

Pages are also filled with interesting objects relevant to the specific scene. My baby really liked looking at the blue hippo on the see-saw. I always liked Spot and I think he is the cutest character in this book as well.

We have read many Spot books already:

Arya enjoyed all of them because of the cute pictures. I think Spot’s Bus Trip is the best for young babies since the huge pages make the images appear more appealing. My baby liked touching the animals and she seemed to actively search for the hippo on every page.

Spot’s Bus Trip costs (including shipping) $9.99 new and $4.99 used from Amazon.