Sushi and Brownies

Sushi and BrowniesOur friend was sweet enough to bring over food for dinner this weekend. She is a good cook who likes to experiment.

That’s great news for us since we get to try her yummy food.

She prepared a variety of sushi rolls for dinner and baked brownies for dessert. Sushi and brownies made for a delicious combination.

It’s been more than a month since our friend has seen Arya since she was busy studying for an important exam. With the exam completed she was nice enough to visit us and even nicer to bring along food.

Sushi and Brownies - Sushi

We ate five different kinds of sushi rolls. My wife really liked the turkey spam roll while my favorite was the crab roll. The sushi was delicious, but we were all a little sad for Arya since she was staring at us eating the entire time.

Sushi and Brownies - Brownies

Chocolate brownies made for a yummy dessert. I thought eating a sweet dessert immediately after having sushi would make for an unusual flavor combination. Instead, the brownies tasted especially good following sushi.

Sushi and Brownies - Happy BabyThe rolls had a slight sour flavor from the sushi rice and a spicy burn from wasabi. Several of the rolls added a salty and umami (meat) flavor. The sweet chocolate taste of the brownies balanced out the meal.

With many (seemingly) easy sushi recipes available online, I’m going to experiment over the next month. Brownies look like they will be easier to make so they are on the preliminary dessert menu for next week.

My favorite part of the evening was watching Arya interact with our friend. Our daughter is sociable and she particularly likes friendly people she has seen before.

My wife and I are both happy that our baby gets to spend time with people who like her. We’re even happier when they bring along yummy food.