Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort Blanket

Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort BlanketArya has finally found a toy she can use as a security blanket.

Her Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort Blanket is the ideal combination of a familiar character and a soft blankie.

My daughter doesn’t use it all the time, but when she needs comforting or self-soothing she will consistently use her Winnie the Pooh blanket.

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Infantino Activity Ball – Baby Product Review

Infantino Activity Ball - Baby Product ReviewSince my daughter learned to grasp a few weeks ago she has been entertaining herself by grasping her toys.

Arya especially loves grabbing her Infantino activity ball. The toy is big with lots of wires, rings, and big caps.

Her hand-eye coordination is still developing so the multiple hand-holds of the ball allow her to always grab onto her toy even when she misses her intended target.

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Packing For Baby’s First Road Trip

Packing For Baby's First Road TripArya took her first road trip this weekend.

With grandpa visiting over the weekend for the last time this summer, we decided to take a trip to Vermont to take care of one more state on his bucket list.

Planning for baby’s first road trip was fun, but since it was also baby’s first car ride and the baby’s first night away from home, we had to pack extra items for every contingency.

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Baby Loves Taking a Bath

Baby Loves Taking a BathWe started out a little rough, but Arya has finally decided that taking a bath is fun.

Baby loves taking a bath. She gets excited when we get ready for bath time. Once inside the tub she starts splashing around and giggling.

A few weeks ago Arya was just tolerating bath time, but now she really enjoys the whole experience.

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Comfortable Baby Gown

Comfortable Baby Gown - DancingNow that Arya is getting bigger we’ve had to pack away her small newborn clothes and start using bigger size baby clothes.

One of her new outfits is a cute one-piece that looks like a bag.

I’ve learned that these baby bags have a better name; they are called baby gowns. While I hate the poorly designed baby gowns that make my daughter cry, I would highly recommend comfortable baby gowns to any parent.

The trick is to find a baby gown with one of two features.

The more common feature is for the gown to be loosely-fitted on the bottom with no heavy fabric to prevent the baby clothing from riding up and rubbing against baby’s sensitive tummy.

The better feature is for the gown to have front buttons on the bottom to hold it securely in place on top of baby’s diaper.

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Bathing Baby in the Sink

Bathing Baby in the SinkI have started bathing baby in the sink.

Arya has a cute whale tub and a basic blue baby bath tub.

But since most of the baths I give her are as a result of my baby’s overflowing poop, I need the fastest, easiest way to get her clean. Setting up the whale tub for a bath takes too long since I use it to relax her while I’m in the kitchen and her blue tub requires me to get in the bath with her.

Bathing baby in the sink requires no special preparation or equipment.

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Diaper Overflowing With Poop

Diaper Overflowing With PoopArya had a huge surprise for us after early morning book time.

Within twenty minutes of Mommy reading her a book, our baby made the largest and most disgusting poop I have ever seen.

The diaper was overflowing with poop. Poop spilled out the front of the diaper onto her tummy. Poop came out the back of her diaper onto her onesie.

I’m still shocked that something so cute could produce something so gross.

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Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 Months

Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 MonthsSince babies need sunscreen if they are exposed to direct sunlight, I needed to find safe sunscreen for babies under 6 months for my daughter.

We try hard to keep Arya out of direct sunlight at all times.

When outdoors we use a combination of hats, stroller covers, blankets, and umbrellas to block the sun from hitting her delicate skin. Unfortunately there are some events — like Father’s Day at Fenway Park — where blocking all the sun is impossible.

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