How to Choose a Baby Bath Tub

When your new little bundle of joy needs to be cleaned, a baby bath tub can make the job just a little bit easier. It is of course, important to consider all of the factors before purchasing. You want your baby to have the best, as they are absolutely precious to you. So before going shopping, or registering, take all of your options into account. Not all products are created equal, and the most expensive products are not always the best.


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Baby Loves Taking a Bath

Baby Loves Taking a BathWe started out a little rough, but Arya has finally decided that taking a bath is fun.

Baby loves taking a bath. She gets excited when we get ready for bath time. Once inside the tub she starts splashing around and giggling.

A few weeks ago Arya was just tolerating bath time, but now she really enjoys the whole experience.

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Bathing Baby in the Sink

Bathing Baby in the SinkI have started bathing baby in the sink.

Arya has a cute whale tub and a basic blue baby bath tub.

But since most of the baths I give her are as a result of my baby’s overflowing poop, I need the fastest, easiest way to get her clean. Setting up the whale tub for a bath takes too long since I use it to relax her while I’m in the kitchen and her blue tub requires me to get in the bath with her.

Bathing baby in the sink requires no special preparation or equipment.

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