Baby is the Center of Attention

Baby is the Center of AttentionAs usual, Arya got plenty of attention this past weekend during our outdoor bbq turned indoor picnic.

Baby is the center of attention no matter where she goes, but she was quite literally surrounded by cooing women for the entire afternoon.

My daughter loves being the center of attention and she stayed up for more than eight hours delighting in all the love from friendly faces.

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Baby Likes to Eat Her Hand

Baby Likes to Eat Her HandMy baby likes to eat her hand.

She tries to stick her entire hand in her mouth and chomps down on her own hand with her gums. Thankfully she has no teeth yet, but it still looks like she is happily munching on her hand.

Arya started eating her hand a few weeks ago, but in the past few days she has been eating her hand constantly.

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When Do Babies Recognize Their Parents

When Do Babies Recognize Their ParentsOver the past week Arya reacted differently to strangers than to her parents.

From the time she was born our daughter loved to be carried by everyone. She didn’t care who was carrying her as long as they were holding her securely. That changed last week.

On two occasions during the week Arya became grumpy when another person carried her and only settled down after Mommy or Daddy took her back. That lead me to question: when do babies recognize their parents?

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Meeting a One-month Old Baby

Meeting a One-month Old BabyArya met a newborn baby this weekend.

While she’s met other babies before, we thought meeting a one-month old baby might be different for our daughter. Our 14-week old baby has never interacted with anyone younger than herself until yesterday.

I expected she would react differently to seeing a baby smaller than her. Arya didn’t care about the cute newborn and she spend the afternoon trying to get attention from the adults.

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