Taking Baby to Granary Tavern

Taking Baby to Granary TavernOver the weekend we combined our normal family brunch with spending time with some friends.

The five of us decided to go to Granary Tavern, a casual sit-down restaurant on the north side of Boston’s Financial District.

Taking baby to Granary Tavern was a great idea and especially fun for Arya.

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Taking Baby to Wagamama

Taking Baby to WagamamaDuring the week we decided to take Arya on a walk to Prudential Center.

Since it was cold outside we wanted to stop for lunch somewhere in the climate-controlled mall. We ended up at Wagamama, a chain restaurant serving Japanese food.

Taking baby to Wagamama meant we all got to enjoy warm noodles are a cold day.

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Taking Baby to Cheesecake Factory

Taking Baby to Cheesecake FactoryWith temperatures dropping below 30 degrees we decided to stay close to home for our weekend brunch outing.

Conveniently, we also noticed a popular chain restaurant advertising both a special lunch menu and a new “skinny” lower-calorie menu. Since it was also within a 20 minute walk from our house we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory with our daughter.

Taking baby to Cheesecake Factory was fun for her and relaxing for us. The more Arya goes to restaurants the more she enjoys her time at different venues.

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Taking Baby to Church Restaurant

Taking Baby to Church RestaurantOver the weekend we decided to try taking Arya with us to brunch at a restaurant in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston.

Taking baby to Church Restaurant was easier than I expected.

Although there were only two empty tables when we arrived, neither Arya nor her stroller caused much of problem during our meal.

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Baby Picture at Massachusetts State House

Baby Picture at Massachusetts State HouseOver the weekend Arya took a cute baby picture at the Massachusetts State House.

Since she was already dressed up for a baby picture with Santa, we decided to take more holiday pictures around Boston.

Taking a photo in front of the Massachusetts State House was an afterthought as we walked through the Boston Public Garden.

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Taking Baby to Dim Sum

Taking Baby to Dim Sum - Happy BabyArya tagged along as the family went to dim sum this afternoon.

Taking baby to dim sum was a lot more fun than I expected. While Arya is usually good even when we need to feed baby in a restaurant, she normally just sleeps throughout our meal.

During dim sum my baby had a great time smiling and looking at everything in the room.

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Taking Baby to Fort Independence

Taking Baby to Fort IndependenceWe took Arya to Fort Independence for the Fourth of July. The Fort hosted a special event as part of the celebrations around Boston for Independence Day.

Taking baby to Fort Independence was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Since the Fort offers limited access to visitors during the rest of the year, July 4th is a great time to visit.

This year’s festivities were held as part of Operation Sail, Inc. which brought dozens of tall ships into Boston for OpSail 2012.

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Father’s Day at Fenway Park

Father's Day at Fenway Park - Wally the Green MonsterMy first father’s day was a whole lot of fun!

Mommy and I took Arya to Fenway Park for the Red Sox annual “Father’s Day Walk in the Park”. The free event is held on father’s day every year.

The team opens the ballpark to the public with special themed events and photo opportunities. Red Sox tickets are usually among the most expensive in baseball so I’m happy to take any chance to spend some time in Fenway Park for free.

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Taking Baby to Cambridge Dragonboat Festival

Taking Baby to Cambridge Dragonboat FestivalThis weekend Mommy and I took Arya across the Charles River to a Dragonboat Festival. Taking baby to the Cambridge Dragonboat Festival was fun for the whole family.

We decided to walk the 3.6 miles from Boston’s Chinatown to the festival at the intersection of Flagg Street and Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

Our family took a leisurely 90 minute walk along the Charles River before we got to the Cambridge Dragonboat Festival.

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