Yellow Dress For Baby

Yellow Dress For BabyThanks to generous friends and family who like to shop for baby clothes, Arya has a variety of different outfits.

This week was the first time we picked out a yellow dress for baby. Since most of her baby clothes are pink or red, the dress is one of her only yellow outfits.

I was surprised to discover that we already had matching yellow socks and a matching yellow headband. Since socks and headbands are sold in variety packs Arya already has both in every basic color.

Her yellow dress was nice on its own, but I thought she looked particularly cute with a full, matching, yellow outfit.

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Cute Baby Headband With Flowers

Cute Baby Headband With FlowersMommy loves dressing Arya up with cute baby headbands.

I like using more functional headwear like warm hats or jackets with hoods. But even I have to admit that our little girl looks especially cute when she wears one of her baby headbands with a big flower.

The flower is so big that it’s half the size of her head and makes her instantly visible from several blocks away.

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Comfortable Baby Gown

Comfortable Baby Gown - DancingNow that Arya is getting bigger we’ve had to pack away her small newborn clothes and start using bigger size baby clothes.

One of her new outfits is a cute one-piece that looks like a bag.

I’ve learned that these baby bags have a better name; they are called baby gowns. While I hate the poorly designed baby gowns that make my daughter cry, I would highly recommend comfortable baby gowns to any parent.

The trick is to find a baby gown with one of two features.

The more common feature is for the gown to be loosely-fitted on the bottom with no heavy fabric to prevent the baby clothing from riding up and rubbing against baby’s sensitive tummy.

The better feature is for the gown to have front buttons on the bottom to hold it securely in place on top of baby’s diaper.

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Uncomfortable Baby Clothes

Uncomfortable Baby Clothes - Crying BabyI had a frustrating afternoon yesterday with Arya.

Baby wouldn’t stop crying for over an hour. I ran through the list of usual reasons including: food, diaper, hot, cold, tired, bored, carry, talk, music, quiet, toy, dark, and burp.

Arya still wouldn’t stop crying. I finally discovered the reason by accident.

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Put a Hat On Her

Put a Hat On Her This afternoon I was a few minutes late taking Arya to meet Mommy for her daily lunch nursing. I normally change her outfit before we leave the apartment, but we didn’t have time today thanks to a poop accident.

The temperature was in the high 60s with occasional gusts of wind and no rain. According to my phone the day was a “feels like” 64.

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